French Language Teaching


The French Language Department of Tarbiat Modares University was founded in 1989 in the Foreign Languages Department of the Faculty of Humanities under the direction of late Dr. Mirhassani. Tarbiat Modares University was the first state university which managed to establish and offer French Language Teaching Program.

bullet Mission and Vision

French Language Department of TMU has always pursued feasible, realistic and measurable goals, and as far as possible, and to the extent that it has been supported by officials, it has managed to accomplish its mission.

A. Educational Objectives:

  1. Establishing a Ph.D. degree in translation studies
  2. Setting up a language lab.
  3. Reviewing existing syllabuses and updating courses
    • Replacing applied lessons for purely historical or theoretical ones
  4. Recruiting the required faculty members to expand the department
  5. Establishing language cognitive studies at Ph.D. level
  6. Offering virtual training courses
    • Providing language teaching software, out of the above goals, preparation works are still underway for paragraphs 5 and 6.

B. Research Objectives:

  1. Creating research teams in the department
  2. Striving to engage with relevant departments for interdisciplinary activities
  3. Launching the specialized magazine of the department
    • Producing papers and working in the required fields

C. Provision of Services:

  1. Trying to adapt an applied approach to this field of study in line with approved policies
    • Conducting needs analysis in the community to identify the problems that can be addressed by this department
    • Preparing textbooks
    • Providing and developing educational software to optimize language teaching
    • Developing bilingual dictionaries