The history department of Tarbiat Modares University as one of the first and oldest departments of the Faculty of Humanities (established in 1983) was founded in the early years after the Islamic Revolution in order to train qualified and committed faculty members. Following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, a need was felt for the modification and updating of the humanities in line with the ideals of the revolution. The domain of history was one of the areas which modification and updating was felt to be urgent, consequently, the history department of Tarbiat Modares University was established to carry out this purpose. Since its establishment based on the policies of Tarbiat Modares University, the department has been able to recruit renowned history professors from top national universities and it has succeeded to train a generation of graduates, most of whom are now working as influential faculty members of this field at universities across the country. The first head of the history department was Dr. Reza Shabani (1983-1990). He was a prominent professor of history who played a significant role in the life, establishment and advancement of this department. Dr. Sadegh Aynevand and Dr Seyed Hashem Aghajari, were the next directors of the department who played an effective role in promoting its scientific level and training of students. Dr. Sadeq Aynevand (1990-1997), who at some point also acted as the dean of the Faculty of Humanities, played a significant role in the development of history. Dr. Seyed Hashem Aghajari, the most experienced member of the department and a prominent Iranian historian, has also played a major role in the training of graduate students as well as leading an influential position in changing attitude toward history as an epistemic field. Three generations of current history professors at the universities of the country have benefited from his teachings. The history department of Tarbiat Modares University began admitting graduate students in 1983. In the academic year 1991, it became one of the few departments of history which offered doctorate programs in history. A large number of professors teaching at different national universities all over the country have been graduated from this university, some of the outstanding figures are: Dr. Gholamhossein Zargarinejad, Dr. Abdolrasoul Kheyrandish, Dr. Gholamreza Zarifiyan, Dr. Fatemeh Jan Ahmadi, Dr. Mansour Sefatgol and Dr. Mohsen Beheshti Seresht. Currently, the history department has four full-time faculty members and admits master and doctorate students in two branches of Post-Islam and Pre-Islam Iranian history.