Philsophy And Logics


With the establishment of Tarbiat Modares University and its Faculty of Humanities in 1982, the university admitted master students in Islamic philosophy and theology. In 1985, as the Faculty of Humanities became fully operational, the Islamic Philosophy and Theology department began its educational activities. By reforming the organizational structure of the Faculty of Humanities in 1996, the name of the department was changed to "Philosophy and Wisdom".
The department entered its second stage in 1990 with the admission of Ph.D. students in two sub-disciplines of Transcendent Theosophy and Logic in the field of Islamic philosophy and wisdom. In 1997, with the establishment of the Western Philosophy Department which offered master program, the activities of the department went beyond Islamic philosophy.
This department experienced its first curriculum development task in 1999 when it got engaged in the design and development of master program for the field "Philosophy, branch of logic". The critical evaluation and analysis of educational experiences of the 80s and 90s led the department to fundamentally review and modify all its curricula and syllabi. Accordingly, in 2002, the doctoral program of "Philosophical Logic' replaced 'Islamic Philosophy and Logic' and in 2005, two master programs of 'Islamic Philosophy and Theology' and 'Western Philosophy' were replaced by 'Philosophy ' Islamic Philosophy' and 'Philosophy-Western Philosophy' respectively. In the same year, doctoral program of 'Transcendent Philosophy" succeeded 'Philosophy and Islamic theology- the Transcendent Philosophy' and the field of doctoral degree "Philosophy - peripatetic school' was established. Accordingly, all of the department's curricula (three doctoral and three graduate programs) are concerned with the training of faculty members. Based on the rank of students' entrance exam scores, this department has been ranked first in the last two years in the fields of Philosophy and Logic whereas it has ranked third in Western Philosophy. At the doctoral level of Transcendent Philosophy, it enjoys first rank based on the scores of applicants, publication and percentage of alumni recruited as faculty members of universities all over the country. More than 90% of its Ph.D. graduates serve as faculty members in the philosophy departments of the universities of the country, and more than half of them are faculty members of the philosophy departments of universities located in Tehran. However, considering the international scientific standards and the absence of Iranian universities among the first two thousand top universities of the world or the first 50 world-class universities in humanities, the department strives to improve and raise its present academic status and attain more honors.