Physical Education


The department of physical education has been managed by four directors since its establishment, they include: Dr. Mehdi Namazizadeh, Dr. Asghar Khaledan, Dr. Hashem Kouzechian, and Dr. Mohammad Ehsani.
The department?s office is located on the ground floor of the Faculty of Humanities and it currently has a lab located in the basement of the Faculty of Humanities. The Laboratory of Sport Sciences is used for different purposes, i.e. as a classroom, a place for providing practical units to students, and a place for carrying out students? theses (it enjoys the necessary equipment for sports physiology tests).
This department offers sport management programs in two branches of: sports marketing management and leisure time management at graduate and doctoral levels. It also offers sports physiology, sports neuromuscular and sports metabolism, for both master and Ph.D. students. Based on theses and dissertations that have been defended by the alumni of this department, research areas mostly fall into the following topics:

  • Marketing management in sports
  • Management of leisure time in sports
  • Human Resources Management in Sports
  • Sports tourism management
  • Neuromuscular studies
  • Sports immunology
  • Sports metabolism
  • Sports nutrition

The strategic objectives of the department are generally in two areas of education and research as follows:

A) Educational Objectives:

  • Updating teaching methods and curricula with world standards
  • Increased participation in the development of physical education through workshops and training courses
  • Updating educational content to create entrepreneurial skills in students and communicate with business
  • Continuous assessment of the quality of education and the use of first-level teachers in the teaching of subject matters
  • Planning and adopting the necessary measures to fund and strengthen the financial resources and attract educational facilities for equipping the lab

B) Research Objectives:

  • Aligning the department?s research interests with the global changes and developments and updating research
  • Driving research into applied projects and communicating with industry
  • Taking into account the needs of the community and covering them in the form of research cores and group research projects (master plan)
  • Trying to commercialize research results and helping realize the relationship between the research, production and service sectors of the community
  • Contributing to the dissemination and development of technology and attracting the funds of research centers and related organizations
  • Encouraging research with the goal of achieving new technologies to produce new services and products

C) Provision of specialized services:

  • Providing conceptual lab designs for assessing physical activity and sports
  • Trying to create associations related to fields of studies offered by the department
  • dentifying the sports specialties required by the university / society and introducing the specialists to organizations for sports counseling
  • Organizing scientific and educational workshops related to the field of sports science for staff and faculty members
  • Preparing the grounds for the publication of an international journal to present scientific findings to experts and scholars