Physical Geography


The natural environment of the planet is very complex, and human interference has made this environment more complex and, in some cases, has caused environmental hazards and made the management of the environment more difficult than before. To understand these complexities and to recognize the relative importance of the mechanisms involved in this environment, various sciences are concerned. Natural geography is one of the areas that is at the level of the interaction of geosciences and geography and attempts to exploit the achievements of these sciences, and based on the findings and the attitudes of these sciences and their particular research methodology it tries to take an effective step in identifying and introducing environmental infrastructure needed for environmental management, environmental planning and land use planning.

bullet History

The Department of Natural Geography at Tarbiat Modares University is one of the first educational departments which was initially engaged in educational and research activities within the geography department and later it became an independent department due to the wide scope of this science. The first master students in natural geography of the department graduated in 1988 and the first Ph.D. alumni finished their studies in 1997.

bullet Disciplines and sub-disciplines

The natural geography department now offers graduate and postgraduate programs in meteorology and geomorphological fields.

bullet Faculty Members

By relying on the attitude and geo-environmental skills, the teaching staff of the department are trying to provide effective and up-to-date training to students in order to make them better understand the complex environment of today's world and to participate in educational, research and executive affairs at the level of universities and higher education institutions, and state organizations and institutions. In order to achieve the above goals and provide more effective educational-research activities, the natural geography department, in addition to utilizing the scientific capabilities of its own faculty members, benefits from the service of remote sensing and geographic information systems departments of TMU and other professors from other universities of the country, including Tehran universities, Kharazmi, Isfahan and it also is closely associated with scientific associations, and other relevant institutes.