Political Sciences


The Department of Political Sciences of Tarbiat Modares University as one of the first and most effective educational departments at the Faculty of Humanities, was founded in 1985. The faculty members of the department are fully engaged in teaching in both graduate and doctoral degrees. The main goal of the department is to provide students with the necessary training and empower them to analyze political issues in an innovative and functional way. The Department of Political Sciences offers master and Ph.D. programs in Political Sciences with an updated curricula in two areas: "Iranian Issues" and "Political Theories". Scientific activities of the members of this department are mainly focused on the teaching of new theories, the explanation of the logic of political and intellectual developments, along with an emphasis on research in the issues required by the country. The department of political sciences is currently one of the most important centers for the education of outstanding students at master and Ph.D. levels. The activities of the students of this department include: the publication of specialized periodicals, holding scientific meetings, and participation in other student activities. Graduates of this department are among the most qualified graduates of Iran in terms of their educational, research and executive capabilities. The department currently has one full professor, three associate professors and five assistant professors who are specialized in a variety of scientific subjects. It also makes use of the service of visiting professors based on the requirements of educational and research programs. Some of the strategic missions of the department can be summarized as: strengthening and emphasizing on research-based education, institutionalizing the philosophy of science in the methodology of political sciences, setting up interdisciplinary courses, strengthening cooperation with other sociology departments, increasing international interactions, updating curricula based on the specialization in scientific activities and the creation of postdoc courses.