Tarbiat Modares University was initially founded as Tarbiat Modares School in 1982. The Medical Group joined the School in 1984 when the School promoted to Tarbiat Modares University. Since then, the Medical group stands independently as the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth

Mission Statement of the Faculty of Medical Sciences

  1. Collaborating on orienting Universitys research resources towards research concentrations by means of acquiring new knowledge and attracting research
  2. The adaptation, dissemination, and application of knowledge into action framework aligned with the goals of resistance economy of the Islamic society
  3. Performing the leading role in providing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education with the aim of bolstering the effective application and dissemination of the existing knowledge in the country.
  4. Modelling a typical collaboration at the University for Blended learning program.
  5. Collaborating on the development of international interaction and the establishment of joint international relations with leading countries in the realm of basic research
  6. Recruiting and attracting international lecturers and students, especially in post-doctoral programs, to step up the effective application of knowledge in the country and related areas of research
  7. Performing a pivotal role in developing an environment to flourish students innovation and creativity as well as taking initiatives in establishing knowledge-based companies whose innovative ideas will benefit a knowledge-based economy and the effective application of existing knowledge in the country
  8. Fostering the cooperation required to maintain environmental sustainability of the University and collaborating effectively in designing environmental campaigns at Tarbiat Modares University supported with the faculty members contributions to the national media.
  9. Performing the leadership role in founding and running a center for faculty members dynamism.
  10. Cooperation in compiling and monitoring the medical records of academics.
  11. Strengthening the interactive and social space of the University and supporting the Student Associations in Medical School groups.
  12. Extraversion is the main orientation of the Faculty of Medical Sciences to help achieve the goals of the transformation plan of Tarbiat Modarres University as a maturity model of the University.

Deans Message
Tarbiat Modares University as a scientific and post- revolutionary institution is a comprehensive university for postgraduate studies which has been under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology since its establishment. The Faculty of Medical Sciences is a comprehensive provider of the University and was founded in 1363. The Faculty consists of 28 groups with 100 faculty members and 1000 students, offering 28 academic specializations in basic medical, and health and clinical sciences for MSc and PhD programs. Currently, the students admission to the faculty is through an Entrance Test administered by the Medical Examiner Center (Sanjesh) at Ministry of Health and Medical Education, a center which also implements the approved curriculum by the High Council for Planning. The graduates of this faculty are recruited by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In addition to domestic students, the faculty hosts foreign students from five countries for postgraduate programs.
It is hoped that with the lecturers, students, and staff members contribution to the Universitys steady progress, the University could fulfill its integral national and international role in line with the four priorities of the Universitys transformation plan, including extraversion and active international participation, interconnected and interdisciplinary interactions, self-reliance and persistence, and significant distinction in quality.