TMU faculty of Chemical Engineering, as the only graduate faculty of chemical engineering in Iran, was founded in 1982. The main mission of this faculty concerns the training of MSc and PhD qualified students to fulfill the national educational-research needs in the areas of chemical engineering, petroleum, petro-chemistry, polymer, biotechnology, and biomedical engineering. Most of the alumni serve as lecturers or researchers in Iran's universities and research centers or have found work in relevant industries. Provision of modern and applied training and establishing relationship with administration and industries for the sake of conducting applied and revenue-earning researches have been on the top of agenda of this faculty. Presently, this faculty enjoys the service of 31 faculty member (10 full professors, 8 associate professors and 13 assistant professors) who are recruited by the departments of oil and chemical engineering, polymer engineering, biotechnology and biomedical engineering. This faculty is also recognized as the scientific hub of biotechnology and hydrocarbon processes at the national level. This faculty possesses 36 modern and well-equipped laboratories, some of which can be used for researches at semi-industrial scale by the industrial communities of Iran. Some of the outstanding achievements of faculty members in the past few years can be listed as: nomination as the national model professor, young scientist award winning in chemical engineering at Razi International Festival, and registering two international patents (US Patents). The faculty members of chemical engineering also serve as editors and referees of several distinguished journals including: editor of the Journal of Chemical Engineering (published in English by Chemical Engineering Association), Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Iran (published in English by Jihad Daneshgahi), Journal of Polymer (in Persian published by Polymer Association). They also serve as the authors of other peer-reviewed journals and are active members of other scientific associations of Iran. Active and influential presence in chemical engineering committees of the Ministerial High Planning Council is another activity in this faculty. Faculty of Chemical Engineering strives to preserve its position as a pioneer in chemical engineering and pursues to follow an ever-expanding and inspiring position in all aspects of academic endeavor.